June 13, 2019

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8 keys to a successful abstract

When a summary is written as part of a thesis, article, paper or essay, some important keys must be taken into account, in order that what is published should be for the benefit of the science in which it is developed and what is wanted that it is referenced in future work, some keys are necessary to effectively write it:

  • Verify the rules of the document for which the abstract is written, in some place word limits and establish the elements to be considered.
  • There is no specific standard for writing, but it must be clear and concise, so that it attracts the attention of the reader.
  • Although the elements to be contained may vary, the most recommended are: objectives, main authors,methodology and brief conclusions.
  • The objective should express what the document shows, it is recommended to read all again the paper and adjust according to what was obtained at the end of the document.
  • The main authors are important because they denote the theoretical current that follows the document, they must locate the reader in the authors that are cited in the document.
  • The methodology does not need to conceptualize, it should preferably show: the type of research, population/sample (whether these individuals or documents in the documentary case) and the instruments used to obtain the information.
  • The brief conclusions should express the most important findings shown in the work.
Remember: the summary is the gateway to the document, just as the title of the work is the first thing the reader reviews, if it fails to attract the reader the document may not be reviewed.

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