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Thesis: Writing and Publishing its Results. A Guide to Success
The book entitled: Thesis: writing and publishing its results. A guide to success, seeks to offer students at various...
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Research Series REOALCEI II. Scientific research and interdisciplinarity for the transformation of organizations
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Women in the Americas. Gender Gap in a global world
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Financial economic indicators. Business visions and perspectives
In organizations, economic-financial control systems are necessary for decision-making purposes...
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Mental structures in the systematization of scientific knowledge in social sciences
Mental structures in the systematization of scientific knowledge in social sciences, is a work that comes from multiple researcher
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Política y gestión educativa en Perú
Eight works give content to the book, organized by chapters, in which responses are issued to address problems and situations...
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Investigación educativa: Epistemología, praxis e instrumentos.
Without a doubt, the quarantine period experienced by the COVID SARS 19 Pandemic represents the greatest transformation challenge
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Exégesis de la reforma universitaria de Córdoba. Contexto de la legislación peruana
We share with you these lines that intend to present information on laws and regulatory development...
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Educacion superior peruana
The higher education for our countries it is a fundamental right...
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Series de Investigación REOALCEI
Este libro es el resultado de investigación desde varios paises de Latinoamérica...
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Autonomía y gestión universitaria según la Ley 30220: Estudio de Caso.
This book shows an analysis of the application of Law 30220 of Peru and its effects on autonomy and university management ...
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Consideraciones para implementar programas de educación virtual
The purpose of this document is to provide basic elements for the design and development of educational content ...
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Investigar para educar: Visões sem fronteiras
The main purpose of this book is to show how research is the main support for education (spanish and portuguese)
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Caleidoscopio de las Ciencias Sociales (2020)
CALEIDOSCOPIO, is the result of the work of a team committed to promoting Latin American research (...)
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Statistics 2017-2019, Revista Sapientiae
Accumulated statistics from the SAPIENTIAE Journal of the Universidade Óscar Ribas, Angola.
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POSSUNT | Emprendimiento Global
Entrepreneurship is a vital act. It has been one of the closest human actions to achieve progress and advance in societies.
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