September 30, 2019

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8 Tips for make yor scientific journal click on the web

Scientific journals are booming, invitations are sent everywhere to send the work through emails, this because the metrics have become a fundamental element for the development of a career in the academy, however, among a thousand journals as it, is that some attract more attention than another, perhaps the way of presenting it and carrying out the process will determine that it is preferred over others in the same area, write down these 8 tips:


1.You must have a clean and clear image, blurry and confusing logos do not make a journal look good. This means that the editor and his team must work to present a clear identity as a business card.

2.You must have a recognized editorial team that can be located in academic networks, so that any reference leads directly to them. Research Gate, ORCID and Google Scholar are a good platform to present their academic career.

3.You must have an arbitration process in a reasonable time, so that the author does not have to wait years to know the results of his review, this means that the authors can reference the journal with their colleagues and acquaintances.

4.The Editor must have direct contact with the authors, often having a long contact path makes the author feel distant and unappreciated. Any doubt the author should be free to consult it.

5.You must use the Open Journal System or an automated system that allows the author to check the status of your submission at any time.

6.You must have an Ethical Statement on publications and good research practices, which makes the author feel that his process is worthwhile and that all considerations will be taken.

7.You must have DOIs or Digital Identifiers, which makes your article more findable and citable.

8.You should show Statistics as much as possible, even by article, which makes the author feel that he can check the movement of his citations from the journal and that is always in contact with it, remember that now Altmetrics are increasing (for this there is PLUM X Metrics, we invite you to review it).


On this subject we constantly work at High Rate Consulting, looking for the journals we advise to always be in the first place and continue advancing in indexing.

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