May 23, 2019

Wileidys Artigas

How to start the way on research?

When I started in the world of research, it was not really planned, I had just graduated as an administrator and although I was always a good student, I had not thought about becoming a researcher, maybe a professor, but the topic of research had not crossed my mind, perhaps I understood that The work of a teacher required research, but he had not taken it as a direct profession.

In September 2002, a few months after having graduated as an administrator, I was occupying the role of research assistant at the Center for Business Studies of the University of Zulia and what happened thereafter is history.

Today, 17 years later and with a great road, I can say that, although the beginning was not planned, it was the best road I could choose. I have met extraordinary people and today I continue to learn in this career. From different areas of knowledge, with different methods and through different perspectives I have discovered a fascinating world.

Just this past weekend I was meeting with a colleague of Dentistry, because we are starting an investigation about the "research practices" of the researchers (worth the redundancy). We are creating a research network with international professors, because we want to develop some topics related to what we do, the investigation.

Then, just in that moment of meeting, I looked back and I realized that the road has been fruitful, sharing with people of dentistry, medicine, engineering, humanities, sciences and art in the Council of Scientific and Humanistic Development of the University of Zuliaamplio my possibilities and it showed me the diversity of the way. This path has taken me through many routes, many cases became dark and heavy, but they taught me to move forward and look for the way not only to learn, but to teach others. The research only showed me how much there is to do in education and mellevo to my passion: the methodology of research and editing and maintenance of scientific journals.

Who would say that an administrator could be passionate about that, definitely only the path of research memostro these directions and today I'm still discovering new routes. I invite you to review your current path, because many times it is at first sight what will become our passion and not love. From my own experience I tell you that the beginnings are not always clear, many times unexpected paths are traveled to achieve the metafinal. If, on the other hand, you are clear that this is a path from the beginning, I congratulate you, you have chosen well. Better yet I offer to show you the honeys and the ice of the road.

That's what this blog is about, showing you the good and the not so good of the research, just wait for the next entry where we will talk about how to prepare to enter a research team. If you want to comment on my topics or contribute this blog, do not hesitate to replicate this information, this is a space for this, only the discussion (in the investigative sense) will make us advance in this way.

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