February 4, 2020

Wileidys Artigas

Promotion of academic content: Marketing for papers?

When we write an paper, present a conference, write a document for a blog, or prepare a video to instruct on any subject, it is necessary that this material has the necessary promotion so that, it has the expected visibility in a sea of ​​information full of options. Here are some tips to make your documents attractive to your audience on the web:

1. Write about interesting topics that generate discussion, since writing about subjects that do not capture the interest of the academic peers in your area of ​​study can generate little or no attention to your publications, leaving as a consequence a loss of very valuable time and Maybe some unnecessary frustration.

2. Always try to promote your material through all academic networks in which you are present, it is important that in these media you follow and establish contact with people interested in your field of study. It is not usefull to promote material to individuals from other areas who may be little interested.

3. Participate in recognized scientific events in the area of ​​study in which you are, so that you can share and establish relationships with academic peers from different countries/institutions that allow you to build fundamental networks for future collaborative work.

4. Publish in journals that, as a minimum condition, have DOIs, since, through the digital identifier, greater visibility of the document is generated in academic spaces.

5. The creation of blogs, social network profiles and participation in academic social networks will determine the recognition of your name in the areas in which the topic of study of your interest is discussed.

6. Offer yourself as peer review in the journals related to your research area, so you will be in the continuous reading of updated documents and you will be able to achieve collective recognition.

Itis important to remember that in the academic world your recognition as an author is essential, as it makes it exponentially easy for the products you offer to be read, quoted, shared and recommended.

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