November 29, 2019

Wileidys Artigas

Scientific Events: 8 ways to take advantage to your digital image

1. Locate the researchers who present papers in your area of ​​interest, in this way you will have greater possibilities for exchange and conversation.

2. Clearly state the projects in which you are in your presentation, if possible present the links to the research networks in which they find you so that they can locate you.

3. Try to visualize the people interested in the topic you are presenting, so that later you can approach and establish direct contact with them.

4. If the other researchers do not raise possibilities, look for ways to raise them based on establishing a space conducive to academic exchange.

5. Attend the social events planned in the congress, not only in the presentations you have possibilities, in fact, in most cases it is the extracurricular events that generate the greatest opportunity for exchange.

6. Do not isolate yourself in breaks, it is at this time that many researchers seek to approach their peers. In any case, even with people from different areas of knowledge, there may still be possibilities.

7. Try to stay at the most popular hotel for the event, you can exchange even at breakfast and at different times of the event.

8. Introduce yourself to the organizers, there can always be possibilities for support for future events that allow you to participate in these activities from the organizing party.

Remember that the digital image will be increased depending on the contacts and international networks in which you can participate, and attending a scientific event opens up these possibilities, do not miss them!

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