November 14, 2022

María Elena Torrens

The visibility of a scientific journal, what is needed to achieve it, and what benefits does it bring?

Scientific journals disseminate new knowledge through their publications, make them known for the knowledge of researchers and authors, this constitutes the fundamental purpose of a journal, although a broader and more comprehensive dissemination is really required to transport us to a more holistic concept and that is what we are referring to, visibility, in which many interests and factors intervene that make it possible to achieve it.

Different actors intercede in the editorial process, which contribute to the creation of a better-quality scientific product, so it must be pointed out that the work of both the author and the editor does not end with the publication, but rather continues with the publication last stage of the editorial process, to publicize the results obtained in the research, in addition to making them visible to the scientific community and to society in general.

In the Visibility of a journal, different actors of the editorial process and interests intervene: i) the aspiration of the researchers and authors, of the visibility of their works, to have the possibility that they are accepted and cited by the scientific community; ii) in editorial terms, visibility is a goal to be met by journals, we are referring to the alternatives and communication strategies that each journal should use to increase the visibility of their texts. Of course, this requires an adequate professionalization of the editor, which in turn appropriates the skills and tools provided by the new technology, to expand the variety of formats and thereby guarantee increased interoperability.

For a journal to achieve visibility before the scientific community, it must have a wide diversity of authors and countries that represent it, comply with international standards and good practices used by internationally recognized databases, that is, each indexing that the journal achieves is the product of compliance with the measurement criteria required by the databases to which it was indexed.

We start from the fact that the requirements correspond to the recognition that the databases possess. However, a journal must use the opportunities to be present in all the national, regional, and international databases that are possible, indexing in them is the way to be present in the different platforms and to open windows of knowledge and open access, for a better dissemination and presence of the science created through national and regional research in each context.

The concept of visibility is broad and favorable forthe author, due to the possibilities that this offers to his article; to the journal for the recognition and identification it can achieve in the scientific community, by obtaining a greater number of applications and citations; to the editor for achieving a work worthy of his effort and ethics; and finally to the editorial institution that achieves a distinction for the advances of the journal, which constitute a seal of identity, a distinctive mark that denotes the evolution and scientific development of the journal, made up of the transfer of knowledge generated from different universities. and countries, which is indisputably enriched by the diversity of criteria and reflections.

In this sense, the current situation of the Scientific Community advocates for an enriched and visible context of knowledge and science, for which we invite reflection, and analyze what to do differently, what part of the process requires improvement to achieve the increased visibility, for the good of society and sustainability.

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