August 18, 2021

Wileidys Artigas, Rosana Meleán y Jorge Cueva Balance after 8 months of creation

There was the year 2020, specifically on the second day of December, after ideas and informal conversations, the first meeting of what we now know as “” was held, an initiative that arose from concerns and ideas of three teachers and researchers who performed the role of scientific journals editors in Latin America, particularly from Ecuador and Venezuela.

The idea: to createa nearby space in which to be able to debate situations of the publishing practice, advantages, problems, and any other aspect that from the proximity of the publishing exercise could be consulted and made viable with publisher friends, from the trust and respect that these cases require, promoting not only scientific products for which we are responsible, but also our investiture as editors and professionals... to train ourselves as editors, committees and reviewers in editorial work.

A dream: it actually seemed like a distant dream, however, entering 2021 our publisher network takes shape, today with eight months of work from our beginnings, we reap the fruits:

• More than 60 active members distributed in the international geography, surpassing the Latin American borders: Angola, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Peru, Nicaragua, Venezuela.

• Two (2) webinars with relevant topics and high-level speakers to strengthen our editorial work.

• Invitations and participation in national and international scientific events.

• Journals applications for competitions sponsored by Universities for the benefit of the journals, their visibility, and projection

• Opening of courses led by members, in alliances with higher education institutions.

Our network:

It differs from others, since from our perspective:

• There is cooperation in the formation of support groups for the improvement of journals.

• Growth opportunities and visibility of our members have been deployed with participation in various events and activities.

• Allows from the proximity of a message to clarify concerns, request support, alleviate loads and walk aware that support is important.

We are proud to create a space for real cooperation that benefits us all.

Future prospects:

• Continue expanding the collaboration network.

• Add consolidated and positioned journals and journals in the process of consolidation.

• Generate spaces for collaboration.

• Professionalize ourselves as editors.

• Improvement opportunities for our journals.

• Sharere sources to support editorial processes (layout, translation, markup, generation of new formats for articles, as HTML for example, DOI).

• Advance in the development of an inclusive community.


We work for greater growth, with the union of new magazines.

All looking towards the same goal: the improvement of editorial processes.

We invite you to be part of, visit our page, download the webinar videos and related materials, share them, check our member directory, socialize, support our editorial management.

Dare to be part of we editors, we continue to grow!!!


"The strengthening of the network is based on respect and compliance with the editorial standards."

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