If I had asked myself, a few years ago, about what I would be doing now, my answer would have been a little different from today. With 15 years of professional experience in research and teaching my vision was to want to improve my environment through my students and to follow the constant path of learning by teaching; those who work in research and teaching know that we never stop learning.

A request for advice from the rectorate of an African university opens up an opportunity from a point of view that I had explored very little during my career; in other words, despite having already more than eight years of experience in the area of scientific research, undertaking as an external tutor of other institutions was not something that I would have contemplated so far, let alone what this may represent for many institutions in the region and beyond.

In such a way this adventure begins and has shown me new perspectives of my profession and, in addition, has enhanced in me a set of potentialities that invite me later to develop a somewhat more ambitious project. Therefore, in 2018 High Rate Consulting was born, initially a simple dream, but that has quickly materialized, counting today with a very special group of contributors.

From High Rate Consulting we are integrating knowledge within several academic and communicational branches, firstly, attending the area of scientific journals in OJS environment, arbitration and editing of texts -where I believe we have a great advantage- including expert professionals who guarantee that the documents reviewed have the necessary characteristics to be published or referred to world-class scientific journals, as well as our offer professional services for the creation of diverse courses (from diplomas to masters and doctorates), being able to be designed and implemented in face-to-face or virtual formats, according to the requirements and expectations of the interested institution.

Specialists in the areas of identity and image, provide important value for the integral development of organizations from their own vision, which will undoubtedly be reflected in how they are shown to their public from the means used to such ends.

This is only the beginning, expectations include exploring new alternatives that include the use of ICT as a fundamental tool in academia and human learning and we are open and willing to achieve it.

In High Rate Consulting we are pleased to introduce ourselves and, beyond the emotions of the beginning, we share the certainty of moving forward, sure to know more about us in the near future!

Wileidys Artigas


Wileidys Artigas


PhD. Social Sciences

Master in Business Administration, Operations Management.

Master in Local Development Management

Major in Administration

Editor in Chief of a Venezuelan Journal and Staff/Editorial Board of International Journals

Teacher and Researcher with 15 years of experience in Public and Private Universities

Writer of more than 25 papers in international and national journals and Speaker in national and international congress and conferences.

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