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POSSUNT | Emprendimiento Global

Entrepreneurship is a vital act. It has been one of the closest human actions to achieve progress and advance in societies. Over time, the force of entrepreneurial passion has become a flame whose whirlpool attracts and ignites the curiosity of those who aspire to extend it, with the aim of obtaining the well-being that it brings. Science, also from its sense of inquiry, has permanently sought answers to everything imaginable and even unimaginable about entrepreneurship.

From the first third of the twentieth century, scientific knowledge is nourished with greater rigor of diverse research that addresses both the entrepreneur, as the process of entrepreneurship and interorganizational relationships; In the individual, organizational, managerial and macro fields.

In short, the diversity of the studies is guided by the explanatory moods of the worldwide entrepreneurial phenomenon and the new forms that are evident in these times.

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