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Thesis: Writing and Publishing its Results. A Guide to Success

The book entitled: Thesis: writing and publishing its results. A guide to success, seeks to offer students at various university academic levels a clear and easy-to-understand route so that they can successfully complete their degree work and later socialize the knowledge generated. Likewise, it aims to be support material for new researchers(teachers and students) and a reference for the mentoring work of career researchers. It is an unpretentious book, presented from an open perspective on the ways of doing science, without transgressing paths already taken, which uses scientific language, addressed to the reader in the first person. Focused on offering guidelines to move from thesis to publication in scientific journals, giving the opportunity to share not only the findings but the general approach to the research. This entails making available to the reader elements that serve to expose problem situations, offer possible solutions, promote decision-making around the findings or serve as a basis to continue delving deeper into the topic of interest.

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